Respite Care

If you are the primary caregiver in a home setting we can probably make an accurate assumption that you're pretty tired!  Being a caregiver takes time, dedication and strength.  So, first of all, congratulations on providing such a service to someone you know and love.

Rosewood Rehabilitation and Care Center has an offering that we call Respite Care.  This service provides a service for the caregiver to be able to take some time off to catch up on personal business, go on vacation or just take some personal time to sleep in a few days in a row.  If approved (based on bed availability and requires a minimum of 5 days at a time) then you would simply bring the person you are caring for to Rosewood for whatever pre-determined timeframe agreed upon.  

If the person you care for is on Hospice you may qualify for the Respite Benefit offered through traditional Medicare (and most private health insurance plans).  This benefit allows for up to 5 consecutive days of Respite Care each benefit period.