Are you or someone you know having difficulty caring for themselves at home?  Do they have problems with maintaining a normal routine?  Are you scared to leave them alone?  Do they fall a lot?  

All of these questions are very normal questions to ask!  If any of the above situations apply to you or someone you know give us a call!  Rosewood Rehabilitation and Care Center may be able to help. 

Another big question is based on the fact that many people feel they can't afford long-term care because, well, they truly can't.  However, there may be help.  The vast majority of of residents in a nursing facility are covered by what's called Texas Long Term Care Medicaid.  There are two (2) areas of eligibility; one must have a clinical need and a financial need.  

A quick call or visit with our admissions staff and nursing staff will allow us to let you know, in our own professional opinion, if we believe you are someone you know may qualify for Texas Medicaid.  Contacting us is the first step!

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Q:  What it Texas Long-Term Care Medicaid covers:

  • All Medicaid benefits, including:
    • Doctor’s visits
    • Drugs ordered by a doctor
    • Lab and X-ray charges
    • Hospital care
    • Vision and hearing care
    • Dental care
  • Medicaid also might pay for health care the person received three (3) months before applying for help.
  • Depending on the person’s case, they might get long-term services such as:
    • Community programs while the person is living at home.
    • Home care.
    • Nursing home care.
    • A hospital for mental illnesses.
    • A place of care for people with intellectual disabilities.

Q: Who is Texas Long-Term Care Medicaid for?

  • A person who:
    • Either: (1) is age 65 or older, or (2) has a disability that is expected to last a year or longer.
    • Needs 30 or more days of non-stop, long-term care.
    • Has little or no money.
    • Doesn’t own or is not paying for items over a certain value. (Items that aren’t counted are homes, vehicles, limited amount of burial funds, personal belongings, and some types of life insurance.)

Q:  What does the Texas Long-Term Care Medicaid benefit cost?

  • A person who gets Medicaid for long-term care must pay part of the cost by first using all of his or her own money, except for a small monthly amount for personal needs and costs like health insurance premiums.
  • To find out if your money and items you own are within the limits for this program, you can fill out a short form at Click on “Should I apply?”

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