Our specialty!  If you've recently been hospitalized for anything from a stroke, heart attack or broken bone then your doctor may want you to complete some rehabilitation.  We are the place for you!  And, the best part:  traditional Medicare may cover most of your stay.  Most major insurance providers accepted (including most secondary insurance products).


If you or someone you know is having trouble caring for themselves at home then we might be the right place for you. Alzheimer's or Dementia are usually a primary cause for needing long-term care but even those who simply have trouble with activities of daily living and are sharp as a tack may qualify. Long-term care is usually covered by Medicaid (specific criteria and eligibility rules apply).

Respite Care

Hey there!  Thanks for taking the time find more information about Rosewood Rehabilitation and Care Center!  We hope this site will provide you with the information you are seeking.  Below you will find three (3) primary areas of services that Rosewood Rehabilitation and Care Center provides to the community; Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care and Respite Care.  Read the summary of each, determine which one applies to your situation and, for more information, click the button below the relevant section.  We can't wait to meet you!

Long-Term Care


Are you a primary caregiver for someone living at home or living with you?  Then, respite services are you way to take some "you" time and get away.  If the person you care for is oh hospice there is even a respite benefit you may be eligible to take advantage of (up to 5 days of respite per benefit period).  This is usually covered under the hospice benefit through Medicare and most major insurance plans.